Airflow Diagnostic Institute was formed in the year 2000 after hearing horror stories about health issues, structural deterioration and loss of investments on a national level. For example, Linda Ballard in Dripping Springs, TX lost her multimillion dollar home and now her family is suffering from serious chronic illnesses as a result of mold and moisture problems. The fact that cancer and respiratory disease are on the rise said there was a need for a company who specialized in testing air along with building science to help people solve these issues at a reasonable costs. Since then the loss associated with moisture and mold claims have escalated nationally to such a degree that insurance companies will not cover the claims anymore.

We have helped hundreds of families with air sampling,
mold tests and other contamination issues improving their health and safety.




• Certified Indoor Air Quality Specialists

• Certified Indoor Environmentalist, (CIE)

• Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Energy Star Program, Duct System Testing Facility

• Certified Residential and Light Commercial Air Balancing and Diagnostic Technicians

• Enalasys, EscanAC Computerized HVAC Diagnostic System Engineers (Only 90 Qualified in the Country)

• Certified Energy Consultants

• Certified Home Energy Raters (HERS)

• Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Certified Instructors

• NCI Certified Carbon Monoxide Testing and Analysis








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