• 1 out of 4 people suffer from asthma or other respiratory diseases.

• Cancer is up 300% since the 1950's.

• The air in your home has been rated by the EPA as the 4th greatest hazard facing our planet today.



• Keeping the relative humidity in your house under 50%. High humidity supports molds, bacteria, viruses, dust mites and rot. Monitoring humidity has become more important than monitoring temperature.

• All heavy cleaners' paints, thinners, gasoline along with other harsh chemicals should be in a detached area. Do not use plug ins or any other types of air fresheners. Do not burn candles or incense. These types of products can cause respiratory reactions especially asthma.

• While having carpet, carpet cushions, and vinyl installed, the glue used can cause respiratory reactions.

• Repair any water leak or moisture intrusion right away. Mold can grow in less than 24 hours under the right conditions.

• Do not vent your crawl space. This increases the level of humidity which can lead to many other problems.

• Learn how to operate your heating and cooling system properly. By setting indoor temperature too high or too low you can cause condensation to form in the wall itself. This causes rot, mold and paint to peel.

• Don't buy or use a ventless gas fireplace. All combustion gasses are dumped into the house where we breathe them. Carbon monoxide may reach an unhealthy level.

• Don't believe that a one dollar filter in your heating and cooling system filters the air you breathe. A cheap filter lets dust, dirt, pet dander, dust mites and many other particulates fly freely in your air.

• Don't buy a heating and cooling systems with central returns. Central returns cause negative pressure areas drawing in moisture, humidity and other contaminants especially around pull down stairs.









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