Health, Safety and Efficiency

• 75% of houses have some sort of system failure in the first year.

• 85% of all heating and cooling systems are improperly installed and are only performing at 30 – 40% of their rating.

• Most heating and cooling ducts leak 30 to 40% on average.

• 90% of the R-value of insulation in the wall is 30 to 40% of its rated value.

• House wraps are improperly installed in the majority of installations.

• Windows and doors flashing is either not installed or is installed improperly .

If you have a child or some family member with chronic respiratory disease or asthma, you’re not alone.

• 50% of all diseases are caused by what we breathe.

• Over 17 million people suffer from asthma.

• All respiratory illness has increased over 300% in the last 20 years.




To prevent asthma attacks and improve indoor environment avoid these things in your home when possible and read what to do when they are in your home:

• Second hand smoke. Do not smoke in your house or car.

• Candles, plug-ins, canned air fresheners. Do not use them in your house or car.

• Pets skin flakes, urine and saliva – keep pets outside, out of bedrooms, off furniture and away from toys.

• Dust mites live in pillows, carpet, furniture, toys, clothes, and bedding. Wash these items once a week in hot water.

• Pests and rodents – keep food and crumbs put away to prevent attraction. Don’t use any poisons or sprays in the house.

• Control humidity in your house, humidity provides moisture in air for bacteria, virus, mold, and dust mites to thrive. Ideal range for humidity is 30% to 50% anything above 50% is not healthy.

•VOC’s – Volatile Organic Compounds or chemicals can cause harsh reactions. Store heavy cleaners, fertilizers, bug sprays, gas, paints and paint thinners outside the house or in a well ventilated garage.

•Carbon dioxide – try to eliminate gas appliances from your home and/or properly maintain any gas appliances in your home.

• Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC) cause symptoms ranging from itchy eyes, respiratory reaction, sore throat, burning sensation, dizziness, headaches or even death.

• Mold can cause symptoms ranging from minor allergy symptoms to death.

• High humidity can cause discomfort and expedite respiratory conditions.

• Carbon monoxide can cause headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, combustion odors or death.