With a current investment in diagnostic equipment approaching one-quarter million dollars, ADI is committed to providing our customers with a healthy, safe, efficient, and durable home. We are available to offer the following services:

Whole house testing for the proper amount of fresh air to assure a healthy house.

Duct blast testing for duct leakage. The average duct system leaks 30 to 45%. Nationally this causes a 10 to 15 billion dollar energy loss annually

Moisture verification on framing prior to dry wall. This provides 3rd party verification that the lumber is dry prior to closing the walls.

Thermal imaging to locate envelope leaks in walls, floors and roofs without tearing open the envelope.


Significant temperature difference as shown on infrared camera could be an indication of moisture intrusion.

ADI can provide expert analysis and assistance with the following issues:

• Moisture control issues, high humidity, mold and rot.
• Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) off gassing, radon testing, dust and odors.
• Rot and nasty crawl spaces.
• Building energy audits
• Building science issues-proper vapor barrier, insulation failure, moisture vapor control and condensation problems.
• Heating and cooling systems that don’t work properly — Total system analysis
• Air testing and air monitoring for particulates, VOC’s, temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.