“Your assistance was invaluable in making this project a success…the Decathlon house has received renewed attention as a library for environmentally friendly building technologies.”
UVA School Of Engineering and Applied Science

“While it was not apparent that there was any mold to be found, your thoroughness and attention to detail found that there was not only mold, but there was mold that could be harmful-even fatal-to someone like me…”
L. Bruce

“The family’s house was found to be infected from Aspergillus and Stachybotrys Chartarum… they have had multiple upper respiratory infections including bronchitis, ear infections, chronic cough and congestion … chronic sinus congestion and irritations of their upper respiratory tracts. Some of the toxins can also infect the urinary system, reproductive system, and immune system… The family noticed significant improvement in their symptoms since leaving the house.“
E. Frye, MD (Writing about the experiences of one of her patients.)